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Beam Ker is an award-winning architect who, by night, indulges in her passion for crafting home decor items. Since 2010, she has been designing and creating unique pieces that allow her to explore different color schemes and textures beyond the realm of bricks and mortar. Beam's architecture work has taken her across the globe, with projects spanning Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Australia, and the Middle East. Her portfolio includes high-end luxury and retail establishments, such as F&B outlets, and residential and commercial properties, for which she has won several accolades from the United Kingdom and Asia.


Growing up in Malaysia, Beam draws inspiration from the lush tropical rainforest that surrounded her as a child, incorporating her multicultural roots into her design ideas. Having lived in Adelaide to pursue her degrees and in Melbourne after graduation, Beam has learned to step out of her comfort zone, embracing new experiences and incorporating them into her work. Through her extensive travels, Beam's designs continue to evolve, reflecting the unique influence of each new place she visits. Beyond her career in architecture and interior design, Beam founded PATTERN By BEAM KER, a brand that creates products and crafts infused with the spiritual essence of mandalas and beautiful pattern inspired by the beauty of harmony and creativity. This passion project not only keeps her centered and focused but also fills her life with joy and positivity.

“Take the time to explore our creative side, it can give us a way of finding inner peace, as well as rewarding us in ways we never could have imagined.”


Please direct message (live chat) if you would like to find out more about her architectural and jewelry work

Follow Instagram @beam.ker to stay up to date with her projects and the latest news.

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